We are a production unit capable of producing knitted and woven garments.

The foundation of Outso Philosophy is built on the sharing of knowledge, transparency of business and most importantly the common goal of sustainable development.

Outso wishes to inspire others to join us in making giant positive footprints in the fashion landscape.

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From Pakistan

with love

This is Outso


At Outso we have great respect for the people making our garments. People working at Outso are like family members and they are the most important asset to us.


Garment production will always have an impact. Our responsibility is to make that impact as small as possible.


Knowledge Sharing

The future of innovation lies in joint efforts. Our collaboration with National Textile University not only provides Outso with new methods and practices such as development of high-tech fabrics and responsible waist management.


Outso is a family. Our belief is that great quality is a result of care, and by protecting our workforce we can make better products. We also believe that creativity is in all of us and the wish to progress in life is universal.


For us, being transparent is as obvious as being fair to our employees and respectful to the environment. Our experience from working in the industry is that much of the business is all but transparent, which leads to a cycle of corruption and unfair working conditions. Outso offers complete transparency from initial administrative offers to the complete production and delivery of the garments.


Products of great quality are appreciated and cared for. This is why we are particular about the quality standards and only wish to deliver products that will last to generations to come.

Minimum Order Quantity

We know that with increasing competition the brands do not want to pile up their stocks. Our unit is designed to handle minimum order quantities of 100 pieces.

Supply Chain

We’ve worked hard discovering and establishing smooth and efficient business relationships. Our vision of sustainability is shared by like minded people in Europe and Asia.

Knits & Wovens

Flexibility within our factory allows us to produce both knits and wovens. Our in-house production team consists of workforce capable of handling and maintaining our high quality levels.

Design Capacity

Our design team is highly educated in pattern making, understanding shapes and translating trends into new products. Over the years our European office has created a culture of understanding the quality levels of our clients.

Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.

—Jochen Zeitz




Pakistan Team


We manufacture the goods, ensure quality and arrange shipping and yet we don’t run away after sales. Our philosophy of long term business compels us to listen to customer’s feed back even after sales and we try our best to facilitate our customers in every possible manner even after the sales.


In 2014, Pakistan got GSP+ status. This means most of the clothing products from Pakistan are import duty free to Europe. 12% is a hell of a money to save here. Pakistan being our major production market, we pass on this benefit to our customers in Europe.


We are not agents. Instead we are manufacturers and traders. We take full responsibility of our products. It’s no secret that agents run away in times of conflict because their money or reputation is not at stake.

Technical Support

Our multicultural teams of merchandisers & designers located both in Sweden and Pakistan will make sure communication runs smoothly. In our team, we have people speaking Swedish, Finish, English, French, German, Czech, Urdu, Hindi and still adding more.


We have long term partnership with our freight forwarders. Together with that shipping knowledge and our factory on ground, we can offer you the complete supply chain solution. Staring from the design concept to the finish product in your warehouse or retail stores, you can count on us.

Consistent Pricing

It’s no secret that factories don’t have consistent pricing in Asia. When it comes to pricing, our team of textile engineers calculate the exact consumption of materials to determine the right prices for the specific product. This helps us build a sustainable relationship between our customers and raw material suppliers.


Our years of sourcing experience in both China and Pakistan markets has helped us create a trustworthy vendors base for raw materials. All our vendors are BSCI certified and our sourcing guys on ground are in continuous search for finding the right sources as per changing customer’s needs. Just tell us your collection’s theme and we’ll present you a variety of materials and styles to chose from.

Best Prices

About 60% exports from Pakistan are indirectly done by medium sized factories but they never get the credit for that. Because generally western buyers are working with bigger factories only. These big factories take orders and split to medium sized factories in the market. But here we are talking directly to you.

On Time Deliveries

From Pakistan there is only once a week sailing i.e. generally on weekends. Most of the factories are located at least 24 hours drive from the port city. This means, if you miss one day in catching coming weekend’s sailing, it might cause an added delay of one week to 10 days. Our merchandisers on ground are in continuous follow up with the shipping agents to avoid such delays. In order to meet urgencies we have built up a close network of air shipments. We have several times shipped from design to delivery in 5-6 weeks to the store.


Our multicultural teams of merchandisers & designers located both in Sweden and Pakistan will make sure communication runs smoothly. In our team, we have people speaking Swedish, Finish, English, French, German, Czech, Urdu, Hindi and still adding more.

We Care

As the member of BSCI & BEPI , we take full responsibility of social compliance.

One Stop Solution

We call it a myth that a knitwear factory cannot work on woven, or tops factory cannot make bottoms. It’s all about planning. We have introduced technology in the supply chain for better planning and quickly we can plan our lines for a big range of both woven and knitted products. That gives our customers a complete collection solution.

Knowledge Societies System

The Helix Models of Knowledge Sharing

We believe that knowledge is power, and shared knowledge leads to innovation and produces additional value for society in order to lead in the field of sustainable development. The moment we got to know about the Helix Models of knowledge sharing, we immediately fell in love with the concept. Thanks to our partners who believed in us and joined our team to kick start a culture of innovation in our company:

  • ACADEMIA: NTU – National Textile University Pakistan. www.ntu.edu.pk
  • GOVERNMENT: Swedfund – www.swedfund.se
  • CIVIL SOCIETY: FTA – Foreign Trade Agreement (BSCI & BEPI) – www.fta-intl.org
  • INDUSTRY: We are glad to be part of this


The following text and image are borrowed from UNU-EGOV and UNESCO-IFAP’s educational platform.


Figure 7: Helix Model and transition to sustainable Knowledge Societies

Figure 7: Helix Model and transition to sustainable Knowledge Societies

…(Carayannis et al., 2012) are also proposing the next possible step, building on Knowledge Societies towards a “socio-ecological transition”. This combines all sources and kinds of knowledge and know-how, including from the natural environment, and provides the wisdom needed to deliver all the Sustainable Development Goals, including the environmental underpinning.

Our Vision 2022

Positive Business Revolution

Our vision is to provoke current trends with a core where sustainability and human rights are illuminated and celebrated. Making a positive impact is not an arm of our business. It is our business, and it is a part of everything we do, from what we source to who we hire.

Fair Business creates real Prosperity

We believe fair business is not only long lasting but also puts more impact on the society as compared to most of the charities. That’s why we have made a lit of commitments towards achieving our long term goal of prosperity for everybody.


We hear a lot about human resource but in practice there are very few workplaces where people are treated as real resource. People working at Outso are like family members and they are the most important asset to us. We also believe that everybody is creative and has urge of progressing in life. That’s why our employees should have the right to earn partnership in the company. We are happy to announce that today 17% percent of our shareholders are our former employees. We would like to bring this opportunity down the line as well. Our goal is that by 2022, our employees will be 30% share holders of the company.


We pledge, that by 2020 all our cotton will be organic or sourced from BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) certified suppliers only. Using sustainable materials is our responsibility to the planet. Using BCI certified cotton uses less of the earth’s resources and is better for the people who produce it.


Even though all our dye houses are already Öekotex certified or equivalent but frankly that’s not good enough for us. We are continuously trying to convince all our stakeholders towards more openness of their processes. We do hope that by the end of 2020 we’ll have a more transparent list of suppliers and their sub-suppliers where even a consumer might see what chemicals have been used in our garments.

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time.
Vision with action can change the world.

—Joel A. Barker


Corporate Social Responsibility

To us at Outso it is important, that the values that the certificates stand for are appreciated by the very people whose lives they aim to improve. We wish to change the way the standards are perceived and bring upon a real change for the people working in the factories. Many of the certificates out there impose western standards upon the producing companies. We know the realities behind the scenes and have chosen to join BSCI & BEPI because their methods appreciate the ground realities.

“The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is a leading supply chain management system that supports companies to drive social compliance and improvements within the factories and farms in their global supply chains. BSCI implements the principle international labour standards protecting workers’ rights such as International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions and declarations, the United Nations (UN) Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and guidelines for multinational enterprises of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The Business Environmental Performance Initiative enables companies to manage and improve the environmental performance of their global supply chain through a supported and tailored management system approach. BEPI uses industry best practices alongside practical technical expertise to support companies in developing supply chain visibility and meet the increasing environmental regulatory and stakeholder requirements. The basis of the BEPI Framework is built on the Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP) Environmental Reference Tools, and it is also aligned with leading environmental standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)”.

(By courtesy of FTA – Foreign Trade Association)