We are a production unit capable of producing knitted and woven garments.

The foundation of Outso Philosophy is built on the sharing of knowledge, transparency of business and most importantly the common goal of sustainable development.

Outso wishes to inspire others to join us in making giant positive footprints in the fashion landscape.

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From Pakistan

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This is Outso


At Outso we have great respect for the people making our garments. People working at Outso are like family members and they are the most important asset to us.

Knowledge Sharing

The future of innovation lies in joint efforts. Our collaboration with National Textile University not only provides Outso with new methods and practices such as development of high-tech fabrics and responsible waist management.


Outso is a family. Our belief is that great quality is a result of care, and by protecting our workforce we can make better products. We also believe that creativity is in all of us and the wish to progress in life is universal.


For us, being transparent is as obvious as being fair to our employees and respectful to the environment. Our experience from working in the industry is that much of the business is all but transparent, which leads to a cycle of corruption and unfair working conditions. Outso offers complete transparency from initial administrative offers to the complete production and delivery of the garments.


Products of great quality are appreciated and cared for. This is why we are particular about the quality standards and only wish to deliver products that will last to generations to come.

Minimum Order Quantity

We know that with increasing competition the brands do not want to pile up their stocks. Our unit is designed to handle minimum order quantities of 100 pieces.

Supply Chain

We’ve worked hard discovering and establishing smooth and efficient business relationships. Our vision of sustainability is shared by like minded people in Europe and Asia.

Knits & Wovens

Flexibility within our factory allows us to produce both knits and wovens. Our in-house production team consists of workforce capable of handling and maintaining our high quality levels.

Design Capacity

Our design team is highly educated in pattern making, understanding shapes and translating trends into new products. Over the years our European office has created a culture of understanding the quality levels of our clients.

Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.

—Jochen Zeitz